How to Improve your Food Hygiene Rating

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme - Getting and keeping level 5

All you need to know to achieve and maintain level 5

Get ahead of the game and avoid a shock during a food inspection - use our pack

Remember; the rating you are given depends on what the inspector finds on the day of the visit

Used in conjunction with Safer Food Better Business, this pack offers practical help and advice and should enable you to get and keep a Food Hygiene Rating Scheme level 5

Why getting and keeping a level 5 rating is important

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) has been adopted across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Research by the Food Standards Agency shows that the public are becoming increasingly aware of the scheme and are choosing to patronise higher rated businesses.

The FSA has developed an app to allow the public to check a food business. This means if you run a food business that comes under the scheme, your goal must be to get and keep a rating of level 5 for the long term protection of your business

Research shows that Food Safety Officers want to see proof that you do what you say you do.

What does the pack contain?

Checklist - A unique Check-list that covers the issues Food Safety Officers will look at when giving you a rating Checklist

Advice sheets – cover a wide range of subjects Advice sheets

Training record templates - Training is important. Food Safety Officers expect staff to be trained but often do not see the evidence that they require to prove training has happened Training Records

Management control templates - to help with your record keeping Management Controls

HACCP – The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme rates your business on your compliance with food regulations. As part of this, you are expected to have a system in place that is based on the principles of HACCP. HACCP relies on identifying and analysing hazards throughout production and introducing controls to make the food you produce as safe as possible. More on HACCP
Our pack contains a full explanation of HACCP to help you comply with the HACCP regulations.

Choose the format that suits you

Online version costs £50 per annum

Hard copy version costs £99 per annum

Inspection visits take place at intervals of between six months and three years. In that time:

Food law may have changed or been amended

Best practice or guidance may have changed (it is up to you whether you implement it, but if you are unaware of it, you may not be considering all the risks)

You might have fallen into bad habits

You may have employed new staff

Even more help


A series of booklets and practical help. More...

Online Training

Food Hygiene Courses, Health and Safety Training - High Speed Training

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Food Hygiene

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Gain FHRS level 5

Food labelling

We also have a comprehensive website covering all you need to know about food labelling

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